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Since June I have had my life altered in a lot of ways. I got a divorce, fell in love with one of my close friends, made the decision to move in with her (and will be starting that next Friday), but nothing could have prepared me for the call two weeks ago. My mother, who never calls, called me to tell me to come home to her house because my dad had passed unexpectedly.He was not my biological dad, but he was very much my daddy. So here I am and I am informed that my oldest friends father passed exactly two weeks later, What does this all mean? Well for me, I am numb and in a fog. I am doing my best to be brave for my mom until I go to my home that is, but even then I will be moving my Fan Girl into my apartment. I know that in awhile my grief will lessen and I will not think about him so much. The lesson is that life is short and for me I am letting shit go. Letting old grudges go. Trying to be happy and apologizing more that I need too. I mean what is the point of all the drama and stupid crap? Anyone who reads this know that whether I know you or not I love you and want you to be happy.

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